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Annette, the famous French cook better known under the name of La Mère Poulard, created her famous biscuits in 1888 at her Auberge at Mont-Saint-Michel, France’s true masterpiece and a UNESCO World Heritage site. She called her biscuits « My Lucky Charms » and offered them to children and pilgrims, wishing them:

« Enjoy! Good luck! Happy life! »


For Annette, 1888 is a magical year which contains three times the figure 8, symbol of Mont-Saint-Michel, founded in the 8 th  century and 8 th Wonder of the World, and symbol of luck and prosperity.


Today like in 1888, La Mère Poulard is offering its delicious and good luck biscuits prepared with pure butter and free-range eggs, made using only the finest products from France.

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